Friday, December 27, 2013


I've been busy during the Holidays, but I found some time to draw a portrait of my childhood friend, Monika, who is, among other things,  a fashion blogger (check her out  here ). I used this luxurious Aqvarelle Arches paper and my new set of Dr. Ph. Martin's from Blick- I can't tell you how much I like these little guys.  Monika is going to use this image to decorate homemade wine bottles. I hope she saved me one!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday baking

It's been a busy few weeks. We sold our condo in Hoboken  and found a temporary house in the burbs. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I find myself scrambling for much needed time- unpacking after the move is not among my favorite things... But it's good to start fresh. I will miss Hoboken greatly, it has been a wonderful 6 years. I will certainly miss Manhattan skyline views! But hey, we are only 45 minutes away by car. Speaking of which, I need to start looking for one ASAP! It will be good to have my own after such a long time of not needing one.
My daughter had been sleeping so much better here. She now has her own room, than we are slowly furnishing- in Hoboken, we turned our open office into her little bedroom corner, but it was connected to our master bedroom- not a helpful layout when you try  sleep training. Plus, Hoboken rail station was so close and those 5 am trains would wake her up every time. Now, she sleeps from 7 pm to 7 am and is rested and happy trough the day.
Today we got busy creating our Christmas tree gingerbread cookies. I used this recipe  for old- school Polish gingerbread  cookies, but I subsidized real milk with almond milk, since I do not use cows milk and used Organic Earth's Best instead of lard. I adore recreating old recipes in a new, healthier way.  I made this ahead of time, and the dough was sitting on my Hoboken balcony for three weeks in winter temperatures, until all the flavors blended beautifully.
So today we cut them. So much fun. Lili was really helpful and had a great time helping me every step of the way. She ate few raw ones in the process, I remember doing the same as a child.