Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apple Picking

The leaves haven't turned just yet, but the autumn is certainly in the air. Farewell to the humidity that had been lingering for months, I will certainly not miss you!  Hello to cooler weather,  the smell of pumpkin spice, fresh apple cider, butternut squash soup and warm tea!
I have a soft spot for Autumn. I love everything about this season, and I am so glad that Autumn is especially beautiful and lasts so long here  in the East Coast. I was raised in Poland, where it was also wonderfully colorful, but wetter and colder much sooner. My favorite thing to do in the fall over  there was wild mushroom picking, an activity almost unknown in the US. It really is so much fun! However, while In the US, I grew very found of apple and pumpkin picking. This year, we went to a lovely Riamede Farm  in Chester, New Jersey and had a blast. Lili ate apples she picked up herself from the tree, and  also loved fresh warm apple cider donuts that we bought in the farm store. Oh, what a day! 


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