Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trip to Poland

          With my neighbor's dog. I got this cute Old Navy coat (which they bring back every season) and H&M Hat for Lili right before we left. .

          Typical Polish Cemetery, beautifully decorated for All Saints Day.

Unexpected trip to Poland. I was planning to go in the spring, but unfortunately there was a death in a family. My Grandpa passed away, he was 95.
I certainly did not spend too much time with him in the last few years, I've been busy finishing grad school and staring a family. But I did have some good times with Grandpa growing up, especially during my high school years, when I spent my summers in the small town on the south of Poland where my Grandparents lived.

Times like that always make me wonder- what did I learn  from the person who just passed. With Grandpa Jan, it was simplicity. He lived his life in a very simple manner. He ate simple foods, mostly vegetables, lots of potatoes and fermented milk, home cooked soups and noodles. He rarely ate meet and totally lacked sweet tooth. Bust most importantly, he allowed very little stress in his reality, he simply went with the flow, trusting God and nature.

It was good to visit family and friends. Travelling overseas with a toddler has it's challenges, though. I was so grateful that United flight had interactive games on the little tv screens- a true life saver. Lili spend a lot of time sleeping on my lab on the way there, since the plane leaves Newark Airport at 5: PM , but not so much on the way back, when we left Berlin heading back to Jersey in the early morning.

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